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To burn fat


This training is meant not only for women but for anyone who wants to stay fit or lose some weight and be satisfied with their body. Your body is supposed to work in the aerobic zone, so it is much easier to burn your body fat. The thing, which matters in this training, is Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) and its’ right rate. We can use the sport tester to measure our PRF.

The ideal rate for aerobic training is somewhere between 60-80% of your maximum pulse repetition frequency. Pulse repetition frequency (PRF) is the number of times a pulsed activity occurs every second.  We can find your ideal rate using this easy formula: coefficient 220 – your age. (Example: woman, 30 years old, 220-30 = 190MTFX70% = 133PRF). This is her ideal PRF, and when she keeps her PRF at this rate for at least 30 minutes of working out her body, she starts to burn fat. These trainings usually have shorter pauses between particular exercises but with light weights. To make your training really efficient, it should last for 45-60 minutes, and you should exercise at least 2-3 times a week. The basic law of losing weight is to burn more calories (energy) than you take in.

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