Strength and volume training

Strength and volume training

Strength training is designed for people who want to maximize their strength, and the volume training is for building mass.

1)     At first we build strength

2)     Then we build mass

3)      After these two steps are done, we can finally focus on getting your body ripped and toned!

Proper weight and less rate of exercising, these two things have to be observed in order to make your strength and volume training efficient and successful. These trainings have a lot of special variants. We can change the number of reps, weight load, angles of movement, length, and intensity of our training. This way we can focus only on the particular parts of your body and create a special training – biceps, arms, and triceps.

Strength training

This training is strictly anaerobic. We use the maximum weight and submaximal weight (80-100% of maximum weight load) and low intensity of the training (less reps and frequency). It basically means, that we have to do longer pauses between series (about 3 minutes) We use basic and complex exercises (crouches, deadlift, bench-press etc.). The number of reps is usually somewhere between 3-5. The training should last at least for 80-90 minutes, and stretching is also very important.

Volume training

Volume training is all about longer lasting muscle tension with higher demands on your energy. We use light weight loads (75-85% of the maximum weight loads). So it means that your volume training is efficient even with higher intensity and shorter pauses between exercises (about 90 seconds). We use many different exercises, and lower amount of reps (4-6) for each muscle group. This training should last at least for 50-60 minutes. Nutrition and nutritional supplements are also very important aspects of volume training.

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