Welcome to my official website.

My name is Tomas Horacek and I am a Prague´s personal trainer, strength coach, weight loss specialist and health expert. I have been practicing my training activity since 2002. I studied Petr Stach´s School for trainers which helped me to get my special knowledge, which is needed for my job.

Because I come from a family with sporty background my first contact with sport was when I was a child. Except for athletics, I have also competition experiences with orienteering and basketball. I have been a member of Czech Athletics Group since 1988 and I have been an active contestant of Army Sport Center since 1993.

My trainings and consultations are not only for people, who have never been to gym before, or never even seen real sport equipment, but also for professionals athletes. I can guide you through your first visit in a gym and I am able to help you to achieve better results of your previous effort as well. I cooperate with physiotherapists and doctors from the Institute of Sports Medicine and because I can promise, that I will do everything I can to help you to achieve your dream, so my cooperation with professionals is absolutely necessary.

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